This website documents the true story of a Glaswegian single mum’s unlawful surveillance, torture and persecution by the US and UK governments along with their intelligence agencies. Everything you read on this website is true and it is designed to expose whilst disclosing the true tactics, methods and abuses conducted against her in order to have her ridiculed, silenced and subjugated. It exposes, discloses and raises awareness of the tyranny of the Five Eyes and in particular, that of the UK government. It therefore seeks to convince readers, and Scots in particular, from her perspective, about the true state of surveillance in the UK, the scale of the abuses that are being carried out, and why UK citizens absolutely MUST be prepared to realise the truth and what human rights and civil liberty abuses are being done under the pretext of national security.

My story documents the shocking human rights and civil liberty abuses perpetrated against her which destroyed my life. I am a survivor, just and this website is dedicated to all whistleblowers, truthtellers and those who seek to defend, protect and uphold human rights and the rule of law. 

About Me

My name is Dr Caz. I prefer not to reveal my true identity for reasons which hopefully, when navigating this website, will become clear. I’ve nothing to hide by not disclosing my true identity but I guess since you are here, it is only considerate that I tell you a little about myself and why I have a website in the first place.

First of all, I am female and I am 47 years old. I was born in Falkirk, Scotland and I am also mum to a beautiful son. I currently live in a small village in East Renfrewshire and is the place where I grew up. Before moving there in 2017, I lived in Govan, Glasgow. Following the traumatic events of 2016, I was forced to leave my beautiful home in Govan and decided that the safest option was to return to my home village. As I reveal on this website, it will hopefully become clear why I had to leave.

I was educated at the University of Glasgow where I hold a joint honours degree in Scottish History and Social Policy (2001) and an M.Phil in Urban Policy (2002). In 2011, I obtained my PhD in Urban Studies from Heriot-Watt University.