About Me

My name is Carol McKenzie.  I was born in Scotland. I currently live in East Renfrewshire and is the place where I grew up. Before moving there in 2017, I lived in Govan, Glasgow. Following the traumatic events of 2016, I was forced to leave my beautiful home in Govan and decided that the safest option was to return to my home village. As I reveal on this website, it will hopefully become clear why I had to leave.

I was educated at the University of Glasgow where I hold a joint honours degree in Scottish History and Social Policy (2001) and an M.Phil in Urban Policy (2002). In 2011, I obtained my PhD in Urban Studies from Heriot-Watt University.

Between 2015 and 2016, l was a whistle-blower on a pension fraud by the Universities Super Annuation Scheme, the USS, the second largest occupational pension provider in the UK. After months of investigation, l reported it to the UK Department of Work and Pensions Regulator and the UK Serious Fraud Office. The DWP Regulator confirmed to me, that ‘you do realise that this is a whistleblow?’

Whilst undertaking my investigatory work into the fraud, l was discrimated by my employer, the Open University whilst going through breast cancer. The OU cut my hours prior to returning to work after treatment and l decided to begin legal proceedings in the Edinburgh Employment Tribunal. Throughout the tribunal, between October 2015 and May 2016, l discovered that the OU had been intercepting my computer and email. I discovered and detected how they were doing it.

The OU were placing thousands of Tutors, on an unlawful redundancy programme (discussed  below) through telling them there there was not enough students enrolled for their course, whilst at the same time employing new Tutors for the same courses. Yes. Sounds odd doesn’t it. In employment law, you cannot be on the potential redundancy process where because you are being earmarked for redundancy, they then, in their unlawful redundancy policy, penalise you again for being on it. So they took on thousands of new Tutors, illegally made redundant thousands, took on new Tutors as they were making redundant existing Tutors so they could take pension contributions from all, cut their contracts, and before cutting their contracts, giving them several contracts for the same course, to inflate their salary to meet the pension contributions threshold set by the UK govt which was around £9k. Once enrolled into the USS scheme, a drop in their salary (by denying and lying about the number of students) meant, legally, the employer no longer had to pay THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS, as in the employer’s contribution. But the Tutor still had to pay in theirs.